Red Light on Dlink Router – Troubleshoot

Red light on Dlink router may come if your router has encountered some sort of glitch in the network or its hardware. The solid red light on D-link router can generally blink in different patterns, depending upon the type of error your router has come across.

Red Light on Dlink Router - Troubleshoot

Many users have seen red power light on D’link router when they are up to something. You might also see the blinking red light on Dlink router if there is some network glitch on it.

Are you unable to troubleshoot the error of Dlink router red power light? Well, there are a number of techniques you can try in order to troubleshoot red light instead of green on Dlink router

Before we jump onto the steps to troubleshoot red light on Dlink modem, let us first go through the possible reasons due to which you are experiencing this issue on your D-link.

Blinking Red Light On Dlink Router- Know Reasons

Seeing blinking red light on Dlink router error can occur out of a number of reasons. The most common reason of D’link solid red LED is network error on your device.  Here are some of the possible reasons due to which you see red light instead of green on D’link router.

  1. Solid red LED light on D-link can come due to the most common reason i.e. internet network issue.
  2. Internet cable or fiber cable has some wear and tear.
  3. Your router has come across some issues and it is running some system diagnosting processes.
  4. Red flashing light on Dlink modem may even come if there is some issue in the internet connectivity from the service provider’s end.
  5. The ethernet cable is not plugged properly into the WLAN port of your Dlink modem.

You may see not able to see ‘Green’ Dlink router internet light flashing if there are some changes in the configuration of the router.

Resolve Solid Red LED Light D-link Router via dlinkrouter.local

In this section, you will learn how to troubleshoot solid red light D-link router using the default dlinkrouter.local web address or admin portal. 

Here are the instructions that you need to follow in order to troubleshoot Dlink modem flashing red LED.

  1. Blinking red light on Dlink router can occur when your device comes through a technical or network issue.
  2. In this case, try rebooting your Dlink modem using the default web address dlinkrouter.local or try default gateway D’link IP.
  3. If you see dlink dsl 2730u power red light blinking or stable, ensure that the Ethernet cable is properly attached to the Dlink router. 
  4. If you see Dlink router internet light flashing red, call your internet service provider and ask if the connectivity issue is from there end. 
  5. In case your service provider confirms that the issue is not from their end, you might need to dig a little more into the matter in order to troubleshoot solid red light D-link router.
  6. Power cycle your Dlink modem and the device that you are using to access your Dlink wifi network.

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How To Fix Red Power Light Flashing On Your Dlink Router?

  • When you see a Dlink router showing red light, make sure there are no loose connections.
  • Ensure that the ethernet cable is properly plugged into the respective ports.
  • Make sure the adapter is attached to the Dlink wifi router properly. In case you are using a third-party adapter for your router, ensure that its output is the same as that of the original one.
  • If all the cables and wires are connected properly, turn OFF of your Dlink router and disconnect each one of them.
Dlink router showing red light cable loose connections DIY steps
  • Wait for 20 seconds before turning your D-link router ON.
  • If you see solid red light on Dlink router still, go for the Dlink router reset. The Dlink router reset instructions are given in the next section.
  • Read guide setup Dlink router for proper settings of setting up mydlink local login page setup.

Dlink Router Red Light Issue- Advance Troubleshoot

If above basic steps doesn’t resolve flashing red LED on D’link router. Then you need to follow below mentioned advanced steps to turn red light to green on your mydlink.

Dlink Router Reset

You can reset Dlink router when you see the blinking red light continuously on Dlink router. Even in some other instances where you can’t troubleshoot further, you can go for the Dlink router reset. Resetting the Dlink wifi router will erase all the configurations and wireless logs from your or dlinkrouter.local admin. 

There are two ways through which you can reset your device i.e. hard reset and soft reset. For now, we will discuss the hard reset process.

How To Reset Dlink Router To Fix Red Power Light On D-link

  1. Locate the push/reset button on your D’link router. You will find it a little inside the frame of your D-link wireless router.
  2. Make sure you keep a paperclip or any other similar item handy as you would require to press the reset button.
  3. Press the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds before releasing it.
How To Reset Dlink Router To Fix Red Power Light On D-link​

You will see all the LEDs flashing ‘RED’ on your D-link. Once the lights become stable, reconfigure the Dlink router with appropriate configurations.

Still Can’t Turn ‘Red’ LED To ‘Green’ On Dlink Modem?

Do you still see the red light on Dlink router or modem? If you still see the D’link router internet light is red, there is a possibility that your Dlink router might be running on an older firmware version. If nothing is working out, make sure you ensure the firmware of your Dlink router is up-to-date. In case the device is running on an older version of firmware, your router may be at risk of network breach and un-optimal performance. 

We recommend you updating the firmware of your Dlink router to the latest version by using the instructions given in the next section.

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Update Firmware To Get Rid Of Randomly Blinking Red Light Dlink router

  1. To update the firmware on Dlink router, first of all, download the latest firmware version for your device from Dlink official website.
  2. Visit Dlink website, Open http://dlinkrouter.local or admin portal. Or can try 
  3. Find the latest firmware version using the model number of your Dlink wifi router.
  4. Now, log into the Dlink WiFi router using the default web address www.dlinkrouter.local. Or try D-link IP.
  5. Enter the default web address dlinkrouter.local into the address bar and you will see the dlinkrouter local login page asking you for username and password.
  6. Enter the password and click Login to get inside the device easily.
  7. Navigate to the Dlink firmware update page and click Update.
  8. Upload the firmware image file that you downloaded earlier and let the device process the update.
  9. It will take a few minutes and after that, the router will reboot.
  10. Once the firmware is updated, check whether the internet is working fine. If the internet is working fine, you won’t see the red light on Dlink router anymore.

Note: If mydlink automatic firmware not working or manual firmware upgrade on Dlink router local login. Refer dlink router firmware update failed error.

Try above mentioned steps and recover blinking internet/WiFi light to ‘Green’ instead of ‘Red’ on your D-link router. If you can’t perform these steps or are looking for expert guidance. Do consider or dlink router local login experts for a quick solution.