Dlinkrouter.Local Not Working error- Troubleshoot

Dlinkrouter.local Not Working Error

dlinkrouter.local not working or mydlink.com doesn’t connect and giving http://dlinkrouter.local ‘site not found’ error. D’link router local login page doesn’t connect to server?

Learn steps on how to resolve dlink router admin page not opening issues through this guide.

Dlinkrouter.local Not Working Error​

In some situations, while accessing dlink router login page, you may get a message displayed on your screen saying dlinkrouter.local login error. If you can’t access d-link local page, you won’t be able to configure the settings or complete the setup process of your device. 

Unable To Open Dlink router Login Page mydlink.com- Solved

Dlink router admin page not opening can be a frustrating issue especially when you are a non-tech and not sure how to resolve it.

Well, don’t worry as we will try that your dlinkrouter.local not working or d’link router IP not connectinng to server issue or mydlink.com error gets resolved through this guide.

Access D-link Router With Default dlinkrouter.local – Quick Review

Whether your router is old or new, if you want to change or configure its settings, you would have to get into dlink router login page. dlinkrouter.local is a default domain provided by dlink to help the users to sign into their router. 

One can easily sign in using this mydlink.com web address , configure the required settings, and complete the dlink router setup.

In the following steps, we will discuss some of the simple and easy steps to get rid of dlink router admin page not opening error.

Unable To Connect Dlink Login Page?
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I Can’t Access D-link Local Login Page. How To Fix It?

I Can’t Access D-link Local Login Page. How To Fix It?​

One of the most common issues that a dlink router user faces is dlinkrouter.local login error. If you are unable to get into the dlink router login page then it means there is an issue with domain mydlinklogin local website. 

Learn How To Resolve dlinkrouter.local Login Error:

  • Make sure you have made all the hardware connections. You must connect your dlink router to modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Check that your computer is connected to dlink router either wirelessly or using Ethernet cable.
  • There should be no cuts or loose connection between the devices. Replace the cable, if required.
  • Make sure all the devices are receiving proper power. Unplug the power adapter and plug it back in. 

Do these above mentioned steps, also check setup of D’link router is done correctly or not. Refer guide: Setup Dlink router

Can’t Open D’Link Router Local Admin Page?
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For Further Fixes On Dlinkrouter.Local Not Working, Make Sure:

  • Make sure that your computer is virus-free and is not affected by any malicious software. 
  • Remove any harmful software. If you can’t access D-link local page, you should disable security software or antivirus.
  • Clear all the cookies and cache as your login history can cause you dlinkrouter.local login error.
  • Access the dlink router login page by typing the web address into the URL, not in the search bar.
  • Try to open dlinkrouter.local or mydlink.com on some other web browser.
    Note: If your browser is outdated, you will face dlink login issue. 
  • Try using a different device such as different computer, laptop, or smart phone.

If you still can’t login to the Dlink router admin page, then maybe the issue is serious. Therefore, you should try following dlink troubleshooting tips:

Getting Error While Accessing Local Dlink Router Website?
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Advance Solution To Access D-link Router Admin Login Page

  • Double-check the login information that you have entered. You will face D-link local login error, if you have entered the wrong credentials. 
  • You can try to open the dlink router login page by using the default ip address or
  • In case your Dlink router admin page is not opening, it might be due to outdated firmware. You should update d’link router firmware. Visit the d-link support website http://www.dlinkrouter.local and download the latest firmware of your dlink router. 

Note: If D’link firmware automatic upgrade not working or manual mydlink firmware update goes wrong. Then do read Dlink router firmware failed error.

You must also try rebooting your entire network, if you can’t access dlinkrouter.local page. Turn off your d link router, modem, and computer for a few seconds. After one minute turn them ON one by one and see if that makes any difference.

Resolve- Dlink Router Login Page Not Displaced Error​

Resolve- Dlink Router Login Page Not Displaced Error

In case, soft reset fails to resolve dlinklocal login error and you still getting trouble in finding and connceting mydlink.com Dlink router local login page. Then you must hard reset your router to its default settings. 

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Reset D-link Router To Fix dlinkrouter.local error

If after basic setting, still getting dlinkrouter.local not working error. Or unable to load www.dlinkrouter.local admin page. Reset the default settings of D-link modem/router.

To reset your device, you need to try the following steps:

  1. The reset button is located on the back of the device; locate it.
  2. Press the button using a pin or similar object.
  3. Do not release the button until the power LED starts to flash or blink.
  4. The Dlink router will take a minute to complete booting up.
  5. Do not turn off your device in between.
  6. For more read: reset Dlink router manually or using www.dlinkrouter.local login page.

Additional Steps, if unable to open D-link router login page on Windows or iOS Mac device.

mydlink.com D-link router local login Not Connecting
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D’link Router Login Not Connectinng To Server On Winodws Or iOS Mac Issue

Dlink local login dlinkrouter.local not loading on Windows 7, 8 or 10

Dlink local login dlinkrouter.local not loading on Windows 7, 8 or 10​
  1. If you see the dlinkrouter.local login not working on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 desktop computer or laptop, don’t worry.
  2. Restart the PC and pull up Google Chrome web browser.
  3. Enter the address dlinkrouter.local or D’link IP address into the address bar.
  4. If you still see the ‘mydlink.com site not found‘ error, restart your Dlink wifi router as well.
  5. Maybe you are facing the issue also because of the outdated web browser. Please ensure that the browser is already updated.
  6. http://www.dlinkrouter.local doesn’t load may be Dlink router not properly connect or configure.
  7. Check all settings, or if getting blinking red light on Dlink router. then fix that error first.

Mydlink Local Login Admin Page Opening Error On Mac Device

Mydlink local login admin page opening error on Mac device​
  1. If you see the www.dlinkrouter.local refused to connect on Mac computer or laptop, and facing dlinkrouter.local not working just follow the instructions as provided.
  2. Pull up the Apple safari web browser on your Mac computer and enter the same address into the address field.
  3. If the browser does not allow you to access the mydlink.com login page on your device, reboot your device and computer both.
  4. Go to the App Store and check if the latest update of Apple Safari is available. If it is available, update your Safari browser and attempt to access the page again.


These were some of the common troubleshooting tips to resolve ‘dlinkrouter.local not working’ issue. We hope these steps will help you fix dlink router login errors.

However, if you still can’t access D-link local pages, this can be a big issue. You can contact our team and let them handle the issue. You can call them or their toll-free number.