Fix Can’t Reset D-link Router Error

Reset Dlink router but getting trouble? Or can’t reset D-link router to its default factory settings? Is your Dlink router reset not working either manually or using dlinkrouter.local D-link router local login page? If yes then, this guide is for you. 

This gives you instructions  to restore the default setting of your D’link wireless router/modem.

can’t reset D-link router to its default factory settings?

When you are unable to reset D-link router, there is another method that you can try in order to hard reset the D-link router. Hard reset method helped to restore Dlink to its factory settings. There are chances that you may see the Dlink router factory reset not working if you restore the D’link router without reset button. 

Note: When you reset the D’link router without reset button there are chances of the D’link router not resetting.

Reset D-link Router Using Button or dlinkrouter.local

There are mainly two methods through which you can reset your Dlink wifi router.Two methods to reset Dlink router.There are two most common methods through which a user can reset D-link wireless router easily.

  1. Hard reset Dlink router using Reset button
  2. Soft reset D-link router using dlinkrouter.local or
Reset D-link Router Using Button or dlinkrouter.local​​

How To Factory Reset A D-Link Router?

If you want to reset D’link router without reset button, you can use the soft reset method. In the soft reset method, you have to log into the device using the default web address dlinkrouter.local. Entire configurations are not deleted through this method.

If you want to hard reset D’link router using the push button, you need to press and hold the reset button located at the back side of the device. Entire configurations and wireless logs get erased through this method.

So it is recommended to use hard reset Dlink router method only when you want to bring your D-link router back to the factory default settings.

Dlink Router Factory Reset Not Working- Troubleshoot

What is dlinkrouter.local?

After looking at the dlinkrouter.local address in the above section, you must be wondering about it. Let us tell you that dlinkrouter.local or address are the gateway addresses of your D-link wifi router. 

  • You are required to enter the address into the internet browser in order to get inside the device and reset it.
  •  You can restart Dlink router from browser using this web address.
What is deafult Dlink router IP gateway dlinkrouter.local

What is

The default web address is actually a default IP address that also behaves like a default web address. The IP address redirects you to the dlinkrouter.local login page where you are prompted to enter the username and password of your device.

  • All you have to do is, enter the default IP address into the address bar of the web browser and wait while you are redirected to the Dlink router login page. 
  • Enter the login credentials on this page and click Login to get inside your router. 
  • Once you are inside your device, it allows you to configure or modify the settings on your device easily.

How to hard reset my dlink router to default factory settings?

Hard reset Dlink router or modem

To reset Dlink to its factory settings, you need to hard reset D-link router. Here are the instructions that we have put down to help you reset Dlink router to its factory settings.

Look for the reset button at the bottom or backside of the Dlink wifi router.

  1. Press the button using a paperclip or pencil and hold it for 10 seconds.
  2. Let the lights start flashing and then release the reset button.
  3. Once you release the button, wait while your router restores its factory default settings.
  4. Let the LED lights get stable and then reconfigure the device if needed.

How to reset D'link router via dlinkrouter.local or ?

To reset D’link router without reset button, you need to go to the Dlink router local login using dlinkrouter.local or  You can use the default IP address to reach the Dlink router local login. We have put down the reset instructions for your Dlink wifi router.

How to reset D'link router via dlinkrouter.local or ?​

Manual reset D-link router using or dlinkrouter.local login

  1. Go to the Dlink router local login using the dlinkrouter.local and enter the login details when asked.

Note: If you are unable to access Default Dlink website. Then you can refer to the instructional guide: dlinkrouter.local not working error.

  1. Click Login and you will see the Dlink wifi router homepage.
  2. Look for the Diagnostics tab and click it.
  3. Locate the Reset tab and click it.
  4. Upon clicking the Reset tab, you will be asked for the confirmation. Click Yes and wait while you router gets back to default settings.
  5. It takes hardly 2 minutes for your Dlink router to restore its default settings.

What to do if D-link router/modem reset button does not work?

If the Dlink router reset button does not work, do not worry. There is another way to reset the Dlink wifi router easily.

  1. Log into the device through
  2. Enter the router login credentials. Username and password are admin and admin respectively.
  3. Once you reach the Dlink router console, navigate to the Reset page and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the device.
  4. Make sure you do not turn off your device while it is restoring its default settings.

So this was all about the dlinkrouter.local and dlink troubleshooting guide if you see the Dlink router factory reset not working. We recommend you not reset your device unless you come across some serious issue because all your wireless logs and configurations get erased upon resetting the device. As At this stage you require some advanced steps to resolve Dlink factory setting not working issue.

Can’t restore factory setting on Dlink router/modem- Advanced troubleshoot

To Reset Default Setting On Mydlink- Update D’link Firmware Using Dlinkrouter.Local?​

To Reset Default Setting On Mydlink- Update D’link Firmware Using Dlinkrouter.Local?​​

When you reset your D’link wireless router, everything gets erased from router/modem. From wireless logs to configured features to passwords and firmware, everything gets removed from your device’s console. In order to ensure lag-free running of your D’link wifi router after resetting it, you need to upgrade the firmware.

To upgrade the firmware of the wifi router using dlinkrouter.local, you need to follow these steps. 

  1. Sign into the D’link WiFi router using dlinkrouter.local or 192 168 0 1.
  2. Go to the ‘Administration’ page and look for the ‘Firmware’ tab.
  3. Click the tab and wait while you get redirected to the firmware page.
  4. Now you will see a ‘Browse’ option. But before that, you need to download the latest firmware from D’link’s official website.
  5. Download the firmware suitable for your d’link model number.
  6. Go back to the previous tab and click the ‘Browse’ button.
  7. Select the firmware that you downloaded and let it get uploaded to the device.
  8. Once the firmware upgrade is done, restart your device and reconnect to its wifi network.

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How to recover my Dlink password? By reset or restore D-link Wireless router

How to recover my Dlink password? By reset or restore D-link Wireless router​
  1. Log into the Dlink wifi router using the default address dlinkrouter.local
  2. Enter this address into the address bar and then type the login credentials on the Dlink router login page.
  3. Now, go to the Administration page and look for the Admin password tab.
  4. Assign your D’link wifi router a new admin password.
  5. Click Save in order to make the router change the settings.
  6. Let the device reboot and then reconnect to it. After this your mydlink gets reset Dlink router.

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This was all about the Dlink router reset and steps to change admin password of Dlink wifi router. We hope this post will help you to reset the Dlink wifi router and reset its admin password as well. In case you come through some error, feel free to reach out to our technical experts on our toll-free number.